Thursday, August 18, 2011

FOR SALE!!! 5.7GHz 120W amplifier "For Big Boys" ====== S O L D!!! ======

First of all - WYSIWYG, this unit is for SALE        SOLD!!!

This is the commercial V-sat 120 watts 5700-5900 MHz amplifier, CODAN manufacturer used in the v-sat equipment in the 24/7 regime. This unit comes without the waveguide combiner and no datasheet nor documentation attached.

What is inside the aluminum box housing? There is a small semiconductor S36B driving the TIM5964-4 driving one TIM5964-16. Then, TIM5964-16 is driving four TIM5964-8A where each one is driving the final TIM5964-35SLA. At the end we have four 30-35 watts outputs. Following semiconductors are inside the amplifier:

TIM 5964-4           1pc
TIM 5964-8A        4pcs
TIM 5964-16         1pc
TIM 5964-35SLA  4pcs

Output part

There was no buyer for the previous one, so it was cannibalized and sold in parts. Most of the components are sold separately where good feeback received with the success in constructing the separate stand alone amplifiers. What is left from the previous one, still available:

Contact me on the mail adam9a4qv x for the info.

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